We develop innovative marketing campaigns that guarantee results

Define Objectives

We meet with our clients to ensure their value proposition is understood. Setting objectives right from the beginning is important as we ideally like to implement a strategy within 6 weeks of our initial consultation.

Test Specific Markets

We implement a test phase for each campaign in up to 4 markets that are thoroughly researched and approved by our clients. This gives us an opportunity to evaluate locations, analyse local markets, target marketing and evaluate consumers using demographic data. 

Get Started

Full implementation of a campaign through Strategic Five Marketing will be followed by quarterly meetings to review the progress. Meeting on a regular basis is important to review the progress of the campaign. We guarantee results and provide detailed reports of sales and/or leads generated, market exposure and demographic breakdowns.

About Us

We’re a leading customer acquisitions firm, start working with us today!

Our Mission

Our mission at Strategic Five Marketing is to develop our business through diversity, individuality and a fusion of ideas. Since establishing our company in Birmingham we have consistently grown and taken on new clients. The aim is to keep this going and keep expanding into new offices and widen our client base. By expanding to new locations, we hope to be able to cover the entire UK with new clients and increase the reach of our existing ones.

Our Focus

Strategic Five Marketing is also focused on continuing our high standards of customer care, quality and satisfaction. This means continuous improvements and expanding boundaries. The most important thing we do is provide a service that no other company can offer our clients, to do this we must maintain our status as an industry leader and raise awareness of our business to new industries.

Our Actions

Strategic Five Marketing is passionate about exposing potential new customers to products and services in a way that will resonate with them. By connecting with consumers face-to-face this delivers maximum impact, and Strategic Five Marketing can effectively present offers to targeted consumers that result in quality sales.

Our Services

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is an essential part of brand development which helps the brand to stand out in this monopolistically competitive market.

Direct Sales

Modern direct selling includes sales made through one-on-one demonstrations, and other personal contact arrangements.

Quality Customer Leads

Quality is usually determined by the propensity of the inquirer to take the next action towards a purchase.

Customer Acquisitions

Establishing rapport with the prospect is essential to any successful customer acquisition effort.

Tracking Sales

The ability to measure performance depends on the use of success-based criteria as a model to compare daily, weekly and monthly numbers.

Campaign Management

We efficiently and successfully manage every stage of the campaign, from the first consultation to the product launch.


Our clients rely on our constant ability to monitor and develop their products and services to stay competitive on the market. We are able to track their products and sales from beginning to end and monitor quality and retention of customers. For each of our clients we maintain working knowledge of their Sales & Marketing department budget. We maximize revenue by selling all facets of their services and meet or exceed weekly minimum solicitation goals.

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Our Core Values


Always be honest and upfront to clients and customers on a daily basis.


To provide clients with competitive services and encourage our workforce to outshine the competition.


Allow others to express themselves with confidence and acceptance from a group and also to be able to integrate with people from every race, creed and religion.


To never settle for the average and always strive to do and be more than expected.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Experience

Strategic Five Marketing is experienced in a number of sales, marketing and business management techniques. We specialise in the following areas:


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